Market Trader Application 2024 -

Boomtown 7-11 August 2024
Matterley Estate, Winchester 

Thank you for your interest in trading at Boomtown 2024! Boomtown has a huge focus on sustainability so please consider this when submitting your application and highlight any sustainability credentials/offerings you have.

One of the most important things we look for in our traders is individuality and something that stands out. We collaborate with businesses with character that offer unique and fantastic quality goods.

Trading hours are from Wednesday-Sunday, all traders must arrive and set up by Tuesday so pitches can be signed off by our H&S team. Please note that Boomtown is a Cashless festival, more info will follow on this for successful applicants. 

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Please provide details of the size of your pitch. Please note successful applications must provide public liability insurance, risk assessment and employers Liability Insurance.

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