Food Trader Application 2024 -

Boomtown 7-11 August 2024
Matterley Estate, Winchester 

Thank you for your interest in trading at Boomtown 2024. Boomtown's ethos has a huge focus on sustainability, so please bear this in mind when submitting your application. One of the key things we look for in our traders is individuality and something that stands out! We collaborate with businesses with character, as well as offering unique and fantastic quality food.

Trading days are from Wednesday to Sunday, all traders must arrive and be fully set-up by Tuesday so pitches can be signed off by our H&S team. Please note Boomtown is a Cashless festival, more info will be provided to successful applicants. By being a Cashless event we are able to lower the up front costs for traders and work on a revenue-share basis to make the festival more accessible for a wider variety of food businesses. 

Please fill in all fields below, we look forward to receiving your application.

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If you are applying for more than one pitch you need to fill in an application for each one. If the stall names are the same please number them 'Stall name 1' Stall Name 2'.
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Please upload a recent photo showing what your stall set up looks like, if you do not include a photograph of your stall your application will not be considered. We are looking for stalls that look good as well as serving great food, here is a chance to show off your set up! We are more likely to book aesthetically pleasing stalls that fit with the festival environment
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Additional photograph (optional)
Pitch Layout
Please provide a bird-eye image, sketch or drawing of your pitch layout, including back of house and accommodation.
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Instead of a pitch fee we work on a revenue share basis, so this helps us find the right traders to partner with that will meet the demands and capacity of our audience as well as meeting the expectations of the trader. Bearing in mind that Boomtown is a 5 day camping festival.
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Food Menu

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Please provide your menu, including 2024 pricing, so we can see your full offering and meal prices.
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These are passes for cars parked in the crew car park

About Your Pitch

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If other, please specify
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Provide the width of the entire frontage of your pitch (including any signage, guy ropes, tow bars etc.)
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Please provide the depth of your entire pitch, including any vehicles or tents that sit behind your stall. Please note, many locations across site have a maximum depth of 15 metres. 
Do you provide seating with your stall ? If yes, how many can you seat?
We have opportunities to trade pre and post show.
If you're interested in joining us then, please specify when you're available.
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How many 16amp electric connections do you require? *
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You will have access to a shared Water Standpipe but if you have very high water usages and want one on your pitch you may wish to book a private one.
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All traders have access to shared IBCs, but if you have a lot of water wastage please book a private one.
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Health and Safety 

If your application in successful you will also be asked to provide a food hygiene certificate, proof of public liability issuance,  risk assessment, fire risk assessment, gas safety certificate (where applicable) and employer liability insurance.

Food Hygiene Rating
Please link to proof of your food hygiene rating *
scores on the doors website
Local Council Certificate /Registration
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Are you happy to use all compostable serve wear from a pre-approved supplier? *
All serve wear MUST be PAPER, BAGESSE and WOODEN cutleryBIO-PLASTIC/PLA IS NOT ALLOWED, this is because it contaminates the waste/recycling stream we have chosen to use. Single use sachets of condiments are also BANNED, please use re-fillable bottles.
Please let us know your preferred supplier of compostable serve wear *
Do you have any sustainability credentials ?
If so, please provide details of any accolades that you would be happy for us to shout about!
We measure our food footprint, if your application is successful, you are required to provide information on products sold at the festival
For example, where you get your main ingredients/products from. Do you agree to provide this information?
To help us with onsite deliveries please list your preferred suppliers
Do you have a bespoke supplier for a specialist item?
If so, please confirm the name of the supplier and the product.